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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I want more clarity than only receiving one financial package per month?

Our Fractional CFO services provide weekly insight, in-depth cash flow analysis, projections, and other high level accounting services that help you take your company to the next level. Schedule a CFO Discovery Call to check out Pro Mover Accounting Fractional CFO services today.

What should I expect after choosing Pro Mover Accounting to perform my bookkeeping?

We have a strict monthly workflow we follow each month to make sure both you and your accountant stay on task throughout the month to provide you with accurate financials each and every month:

Day 1-7  Your accountant will work through the activity that occurred during the previous month and provide you a list of transactions that require explanation

Day 7-12 You will review the questions prepared by your accountant and provide them answers to the questions once you had time to review them yourself

Day 12-15 Once your accountant has received their questions back and answered completely, they will finalize your books and submit them to manager review. After a manager has reviewed the accounting for the month, you will receive your package and all applicable financial reporting.

Day 15-31 This is your chance to review the financial report, present the information to other members or your board of directions, and implement the changes needed to hit your targets in the future.

Why choose Pro Mover Accounting as opposed to other accounting firms?

Pro Mover Accounting performs Bookkeeping for Residential Moving Companies, ONLY. Our process has been dialed to perfection to get moving company owners the information they need to make educated financial decisions. The monthly financial reports our clients receive are completely custom, built specifically for their companies. The PRO Metrics are reports included in each month's financial package that includes metrics specific to the moving industry to make sure company owners stay up-to-date on how various aspects of their companies compare to our target metrics.